02 18 2011

Hello All!

Well Lizzy had a good night’s sleep and slept about 12 hours uninterrupted. Yeah!!! The sleep issues are behind us for now. Thank God because it took us four years to get here.

Lizzys writing 02 18 2011

Today Lizzy passed another 4 to 5 inch strand. It was found attached to some fecal matter. This is the fifth time this has happened. Shortly after doing so she became very affectionate again. As I was looking up parasite images online I was making notes on post its. She came over and watched me form every letter. She then picked up a pen, holding it perfectly with her left hand and started to write. As I looked over at what she was doing I noticed that she was writing with purpose. “Wow great 4’s Lizzy!” She looked over at me with great pride. She did it deliberately.

After that she was even more affectionate and more verbal. Amazing. Every time she passes one of these things we break on through even more. Thank you God.

Sister Katie

After dinner Lizzy was speaking in full sentences and very calm. Note she only spoke twice but they were complete sentences. Her sensory issues are much better also. Baby sister Katie was crying from time to time tonight and Lizzy did not mind at all. I am really anxious to see what will happen within the next week. In the past she gets better and better with each day.

I hope that we have a good nights sleep and continued healing tomorrow.