1/30/2011 Patience. All in God’s Time

Hello All!

Lizzy has been doing well and she needed her Cina 200C again last Friday 1/28/2011. That night she was awake, bouncing on her bed, picking her nose and just irritable. As per Lizzy’s homeopath’s directions we gave her the Cina again only when her behavior was very extreme. It was so we did.

Lizzy is still very affectionate but she is not speaking as clearly and her noise intolerance is back in addition to all of the other parasitical symptoms. It has been two days since we gave her the remedy and we are slowly starting to see her level off again.

Lizzy 1 30 2011

Here on the east coast we have lots of snow. With each plow of the drive we get a bigger hill for all of the kids to play on. They have been having a blast with sledding and all of the other fun things winter storms allow. Lizzy rode on the sled and had even more fun playing with the snow. As the others played with the sleds Lizzy was off by herself playing with the snow pile. Low and behold she made her first snowman!!! All on her own. No prompting, or assistance. After completion she stood back looked at her masterpiece and jumped in to the air with a huge smile! It was so adorable!!! Thank you God!

Lizzy's first snowmen 1 30 2011

We have been trying to get her to use play dough and other clays but no go. Snow was the medium that spoke to our little artist today. We are so proud of her. I complimented her work and she smiled at me as if to say thanks, I like it too. All in God’s time.
He knew that Todd and I needed this today. After enduring her behavior the last few days we were very beaten up. Not only from the loudness of her screaming. It is also the old emotions that get churned up inside of us. Each time we experience this with her we are brought again to a very painful place.  Some wounds take longer to heal and autism is one that cut us down to the marrow.  In God’s time we all will be recovered and at peace. We just have to be patient.
Patience has never been something that Todd and I are very good at when our children are in need. We have become more patient over the years  but there is always room for improvement. We both have a tendency to take action and resolve things as they come across our paths. And this is no exception.
 Autism recovery is not immediate by any means. There is no magic bullet. It takes commitment, perseverance and of course, patience.   God is using Lizzy to teach us another much-needed lesson. Patience.

lizzy dedication from Luci 1 10 11

While writing this now I feel a longing inside of myself.  I long  to be more patient with all things. I long to be able to embrace all challenges that God puts before me without any hesitation. With His help I am getting better with each day. But this also is a journey that does not happen over night. We lean on our faith and gather strength from Him and pray that we will also reach our full potential. Acquiring patience is easier when your emotions are not being put through the wringer. When your child is ill patience is not the first thought that comes to mind. Our first thought is to fix it as quickly as possible and alleviate any suffering they are experiencing. But with autism there is no quick answer or therapy. It takes years to remedy this situation and through these challenges we all will be better for it. I firmly believe that in God’s time it will happen.
I hope and pray that Lizzy will get better with each passing day. And she is. But again I want it now for her. What parent doesn’t want this? But I have learned that logic and emotions do not always go hand in hand. I know what I need to do, but sometimes one’s emotions get the best of them for a time. When this happens I just lean on my faith and pray that I will be back in a place that is more fruitful. Through God’s grace, it happens. Thank you God!
I need to remember that Lizzy is learning also. Plus all of the family and friends that know her. I look forward to the day when Lizzy will be well and able to share all of her experiences with us and help us to understand her and ourselves even more. That day will be one that will go down in history in our family. All of us will remember this time of challenge and we will look back on it with gratitude and amazement. It will be a day of jubilee!!
My prayers go out to all of those experiencing autism in their lives. May we all be given the strength, knowledge and perseverance that we need for another day of recovery.
Sweet Dreams!