1/26/2011 “Good Nikee, Sweet Dreams”

Hello All!

Lizzy 1 2011

Lizzy had a pretty good day. She was laughing and playing all day. We did not get to have music therapy today due to the snow storms that are taking place in the northeast. We are still waiting to see what Dori Vallis ND advises us to do next regarding the next homeopathic dose.

As much as I love having Dori Vallis ND work with Lizzy it is somewhat problematic. Dori has moved her practice and it is about 1 hour and forty-five minutes each way to her office. That trip plus the visit is very difficult for all of us. Especially in the winter time. With the snow, cold and Lizzy just not being up for the trip it is hard to get out for that long period of time. We have been communicating with Dori via email and phone but it is still difficult. I will hopefully get a chance to talk to Dori this week and come to a decision as to what is best for all involved. I pray that it will be the right course of action to facilitate Lizzy’s recovery.

Lizzy was very hyper tonight and I had to put her back to bed again at midnight. She was jumping on her bed and managed to remove her pull up and was taking out every item in her room. After Amelia and I cleaned her room and put her back in bed, Lizzy looked at me and said “Good nikee, sweet dreams.” She proceeded to sit up in bed and give me a huge hug. Dear God almighty, I was brought to tears as I told her “I love you very much Lizzy Girl!” Our little girl is getting closer to coming out and joining us completely. Thank you God!

Baby Brother Howard

Lizzy was also holding baby Howard’s hand again today. She was caressing him with such tenderness.  True love was on her face as Howard looked at her with a joyful grin. It was so wonderful to see.

Lizzy’s dad has been working from home off and on due to the snow. Lizzy goes up to Todd and caresses his face and places her arms around him with a love that is beyond measure.  You can see in her eyes that she is reading the situation. Sometimes she looks so deeply into my eyes I feel that she is attempting to read me. I feel she is starting to explore her emotions as well as ours. This was something that I have longed for. It is amazing! Thank you God!

Thursday the 27th will be filled with errands and another trip to her qigong therapist. Lizzy’s last visit went very well and we are hoping to see more movement with every visit. Dr. Shih told us that Lizzy’s stomach was very cold. She could feel it rising up from her. Hmmm, very interesting. I need to read the book Dr Shih has written with her father on healing. This will allow me to understand it more. So many books, so little time!

 For the last two weeks we have been placing a warm lavender pack on Lizzy’s stomach before bed time and she loves it. The pack has some weight to it and this helps with her stomach discomfort.  The scent is so relaxing, coupled with the warmth it is a true winner. Check them out, they are a great thing to have in the medicine cabinet.

As of 130am Lizzy is asleep and all is peaceful. I pray for more recovery tomorrow and a restful night.

“Good Nikee, sweet dreams.”