07 17 2010 Strong Wills Have a Purpose

07 17 2010 Lizzy sprayed herself

Lizzy was up at 630am and has been going all day. She has been pushing and being very territorial about her toys.

She did not want to share with anyone.

When I called her on it, she gave me a look like so what. Interesting.

There are times when even special needs kids can be brats. I feel that Lizzy should not be allowed to get away with  anything that any other child in the house would.

If it is beyond her scope of capabilities that is entirely different. But acting like a brat is not something that we allow.  Lizzy has not exhibited this kind of behavior for quite a while. It is encouraging to have this little person emerge and show her true colors. YES!!!!!

Amy at age 2

I have always imagined that she is a strong-willed child. It just seemed to be who she is. That makes 4 in our house, plus me. My mom and my sisters wanted to kill me when I was a kid, and now I know why. GEEZ!!!!!!!

No is not something that is easily accepted by peeps like us. But God knew what he was doing, we need that personality to deal with things in our lives. Some have not been exposed to any big challenges yet, and others have. I am very grateful that God has given me the tools that I need to cope with challenges and growth. Thanks!

07 17 2010 537pm after cuprum

Lizzy had her Cuprum at 215 pm. It was one dropper in 3 1/2 cup dilutions. She seems good except for the fore mentioned.

As I sit here typing away, she came in and was playing with our dog Pugo. Todd called her from the other room, she did not respond. I told her Dad was calling her, she got up and skipped away saying “Okay”. Very Cool!!!!!!

Lizzy meet up with Dad and all was grand. She is being part of the fam. YES!

That strong will of hers is going to pay off big time!

As of 810pm she is happy and playing with her Scooby Doo action figures. I hope she does not aggravate too much this time. Her mind body and spirit needs a break. So do we.

07 17 2010 Daddy helps Lizzy

“Why Sure” is home this weekend and Lizzy is very content. Why can’t Dad’s get sick leave when their children are ill or maternity leave when their wives give birth? It just isn’t fair. Dads are just as important.

I bet Lizzy would get better twice as fast if Todd was home with her. But again, God has a purpose. Even though it does not match up with my wish. Or the wish of our kids.  They all miss him so!!

It is a very pleasant thought, and I think about it often and wish for it to come true.  Maybe…… someday.

And with that …….. good night to all!